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These Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower Poppers are sure to cure any buffalo wing craving, all while getting in your veggies! These cauliflower poppers are baked not fried, making them a healthier option, all while being crispy and delicious!


  1. Posted by frozen_peach22, — Reply

    Great! It takes some effort to prepare, but as a regular chicken wing consumer, these are an awesome substitute. I made both buffalo and sweet chili sauce for mine!

  2. Posted by JJWieland, — Reply

    These did taste good, but I had a issue with the batter pooling on the baking sheet. That's the only part that was crispy. They also got very soggy once put in the sauce.

  3. Posted by DropshippingPower, — Reply

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  4. Posted by amandapeters89, — Reply

    Loved them! I added some bread crumbs in with the flour. I also used regular flour. I baked for 25 mins. Then added franks buffalo wing sauce. Baked for an additional 5. My bf is super picky and just put hem back in the oven under broil to hopefully crisp them up a bit more.

  5. Posted by mkerestury444, — Reply

    I didn't like the "breading" at all... it was not good and didn't go well with the buffalo sauce. I think the cauliflower would've been better plain with sauce.

  6. Posted by selfluvaesthetics, — Reply

    I used coconut flour, which the recipe listed as a substitute, and it was funky tasting. And maybe it was the fact that I used frozen instead if fresh cauliflower, but these were not crispy... they were soft and fell apart pretty easily.

  7. Posted by rondarossrealty, — Reply

    My husband and I did not care for the breading at all. Mine also did not get crispy like we were expecting. I plan to make some changes.

  8. Posted by stephjbenson, — Reply

    Mehhhhh isn’t a good substitute for chicken wings in my opinion. Didn’t satisfy the craving, and I personally didn’t enjoy the taste.

  9. Posted by martinchick, — Reply

    Super yummy and easy to make. Of course nothing can replace chicken wings, but it's another way to enjoy buffalo sauce :)

  10. Posted by licialoops, — Reply

    A little time consuming-couldn't find oat flour so tried using gluten free flour which is not recommended

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